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CWT Content Management System (CMS) (formerly ArticleLive) is a content publishing platform that allows anyone to start their own multi-user article, news or blog website. It includes dozens of professionally designed templates and is as easy to use as Microsoft Word.

Publish Websites Fast

CWT Content Management System (CMS) makes it easy to publish websites fast. Notable features include:

  • Completely browser based
  • Scales to handle thousands of content items
  • Multi-user and author support with groups and permissions
  • Includes dozens of professionally designed templates
  • One click integration of Google Adsense ad
  • Pull articles from iSnare and Article Marketer automatically
  • Website visitors can post comments and rate content
  • Enterprise-grade search and filter options
  • Completely private label
  • Customizable HTML and CSS templates

Professionally Designed Themes
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Professionally Designed Themes

CWT CMS comes pre-bundled with a selection of professionally designed, CSS, tableless site themes so you don't have to worry about hiring a designer to make your site look "pretty". All themes have been tested with all major browsers on Windows and Mac for 100% compatibility.

Search Engine Optimized Content
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Search Engine Optimized Content

Every page on your ArticeLive site is optimized for high search engine rankings. You can specify each articles page title, meta keywords and description. All links to categories, articles, news, blogs and pages are also in a search engine friendly format.

100% Open Source HTML and PHP Code
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100% Open Source HTML and PHP Code

Use CWT Website Publisher's built-in template editor to make changes to the HTML and CSS of any and all parts of your CWT Website Publisher-powered web site, or even get down and dirty with the PHP code to add your own features. The code is 100% open and unencrypted so the possibilities are endless.

Automatic Google AdSense Integration
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Automatic Google AdSense Integration

It's easy to tell CWT Website Publisher exactly where to place Google AdSense on your CWT Website Publisher-powered site. You can specify everything, including your AdSense ID, color of the ad's, ad placements and even if you want to split the ad revenue with authors on your site. Of course, AdSense integration can also be turned off completely.

Support for All Common Languages
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Support for All Common Languages

Create your articles, news and blogs in any language you choose. CWT Website Publisher has built-in support for most single and double-byte languages including German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, etc.

Search Engine Friendly Features

CWT CMS has been designed with search engine optimization in mind. We've added specific features to CWT CMS so that the popular search engines (including Google and Yahoo) can find and index your content with ease.

  • Static URL's. Many other article management systems rely on complex, long query strings in their URL's that can look something like:
    CWT CMS uses static URL's that look like this:
    This makes it infinitly easier to read for both search engines and humans alike, and will increase your search engine rankings dramatically.
  • Keyword rich URL's. Along with static URL's, CWT CMS includes the title of the article in the URL, increasing your pages relevance to the keywords in the article title.
  • Keyword rich titles. The title of a HTML page is rated highly for relevance with search terms used on the search engines, in particular Google and Yahoo. By combining the keyword rich URL's as well as automatically inserting the article title into your pages title, your keyword density improves dramatically.
  • Automatically generated site map. A sitemap is an integral part of any search engine optimized website. It helps the search spiders crawl and find any new pages added to the site; even those hidden below several layers of links. CWT CMS automatically generates this sitemap for you, so any new content added to your site is found quicker and easier.
  • Unlimited article pages. Breaking articles into multiple pages not only makes for easier online reading, but also increases the number of total pages on your site. It's a well known search engine optomization fact that the more pages your website has, the better its ranking in the search engines.
  • Allow others to submit content. Content is truly king for increasing your traffic effectively using search engines. By allowing others to submit content to your website, you increase your pages as well as content therefore improving your search engine listings exponentially. CWT CMS makes it a breeze for your visitors to register and submit content, which you can approve to be posted on your site in seconds.
  • Archived content. Content in CWT CMS is never removed from the site unless you specifically delete it. Old news and blogs are automatically archived and articles are always accessible from their respective categories. This means your content is always easily accessible to the search engines.
  • Google site map support. By introducing the Google SiteMaps feature, Google has offered web masters a way to tell the giant search engine instantly when new content is added or updated. CWT CMS can automatically generate the required sitemap code for you, so Google is notified as soon as you've added new content. CWT CMS is the first product of it's kind to implement automated Google SiteMap support and will continue to implement search optimization strategies as soon as they become apparent.
  • Meta keywords and descriptions. Whilst Google doesn't care much for meta tags, other smaller search engines do. CWT CMS gives you the ability to painlessly add site wide meta descriptions and keywords as well meta tags specific to each article.
  • Automated syndication. Links, links, links. No doubt you know the biggest determining factor alongside those mentioned earlier in increasing your search engine rankings is the number of links found pointing to your site from other sites.
    Whilst CWT CMS's templating system makes for an attractive, professional looking website increasing your likelihood of getting linked to, it also features an RSS syndicate option, allowing other webmasters to link directly to your top 10 articles or category specific articles in seconds. The list is updated on their site as soon as any content is added on your site instantly.
    While most article driven content management systems look similar on the outside, it really is what's inside that counts. CWT CMS was written from the ground up with dozens of search engine optimized features to help you excel with your online endevours.
New Features in CWT CMS NX
  • Powerful Caching Platform. CWT CMS includes the ability to automatically cache and present pages as static HTML, meaning zero database queries for maximum speed.
  • Support for automatically generated Google SiteMaps. Google Sitemaps is an easy way for you to help improve your coverage in the Google index. It's a collaborative crawling system that enables you to automatically communicate directly with Google to keep them informed of all your web pages, and when you make changes to these pages.
  • Ability to use include tags inside templates. Including 3rd party or custom PHP scripts in your CWT CMS layout is now possible with the ability to add include tags inside of CWT CMS's easy-to-edit HTML template code.
  • Ability to use dynamic drop-down page navigation menus. Now you can create root level and sub level content pages and CWT CMS will automatically generate a dynamic drop-down page navigation menu on your site. This feature can be disabled.
  • Page navigation now supports images. Easily create and upload your own navigation images for page links.
  • Upload your own logo image directly from the settings page. Now you can upload your own logo in a matter of seconds -- directly from the CWT CMS settings page!
  • "My Account" feature. Allows content authors to quickly and easily update their name, email address and biography without requiring administrator permissions.
  • Contributors can now submit multi-page articles. No longer restricted to uploading a zip file, front-end contributors can now submit multi-page full length articles.
  • Meta keyword and description tags. Articles, blogs, news and pages now all contain their own meta keyword and description tag settings.
  • Improved category information. Categories are easier to identify with new icons and descriptions.
  • Built-in contact form support. Now site visitors can quickly and easily contact you via email using the optional built-in email contact form on your contact page.
  • Easy password retrieval. One-click access to password retrieval via email using the new "Forgot Password" feature.
  • Edit templates *and* panels. Now both templates and panels can be edited directly from the control panel. No FTP client required!
  • Sort order for categories and articles. Numerically index and sort both articles and categories in any way and order you like using the new numeric sorting system.
  • Per-category RSS feeds. CWT CMS now displays RSS feeds on a per-category basis.
Other CWT CMS Features
  • Easy-to-use 3 step installation system. Upload the CWT CMS files to your web server and the included 3 step installation system does the rest, including building your CWT CMS database.
  • Separate language pack. Easily change the language of every piece of text on your CWT CMS web site, both in the front end and back end.
  • Multi-point content contribution. When creating users, you have total control over where and how they can access and contribute content. Restrictions include no access to the control panel (content is contributed from form on front end of site).
  • Powerful user permission system. Use CWT CMS's pre-defined roles to quickly delegate user permissions, or take it a step further and assign unique permissions on a per-user basis.
  • Search engine friendly links. CWT CMS generates 100% search engine friendly links and an automated search engine friendly sitemap, meaning that your site gets crawled and indexed in its entirety by Google, Yahoo and all other search engines.
  • Easily add Google Adsense or other advertising revenue. With a completely flexible template system, CWT CMS makes it a breeze to add Google Adsense or other 3rd party sponsors anywhere on your site, increasing your site revenue.
  • HTML based page templates. CWT CMS has one of the most flexible templating and layout systems ever seen in an online content management system. From the control panel, you can edit any page template in real time.
  • Fully stylesheet driven design. As with page templates, the entire stylesheet for your web site can be edited online, directly from the control panel.
  • Create multiple article types. Choose to create a complete article with pages, a content summary or a link to an external web site.
  • Build a complete article series. Automatically link several articles in a "chain" to form a complete article series where users can jump from one article to the next.
  • Content expiration dates. Add a special event, invitation, greeting or any other type of content to your site, and set it to auto-expire and disappear from your site on a specific date.
  • Complete support for article ratings and comments. CWT CMS comes bundled with interactivity right out of the box. Your visitors can contribute comments and/or rate articles. Comments can be automatically or manually approved.
  • Feature important content. With one click, you can move an article to the top of the pile and display it as featured on your home page.
  • Role and/or permission based user management. CWT CMS includes 4 role-based user settings by default: contributor, author, site administrator and system administrator. Choose one of these for quick account setup, or completely customize permissions on a per-user basis.
  • Multiple articles per category / multiple categories per article. Your content can be organized into separate categories, and each article can appear in multiple, unlimited categories. Each category can also contain an unlimited number of articles.
  • Publish your own personal or company blog. Blogs are the latest way to keep in contact with your peers, colleagues and employees. CWT CMS includes full support to create, display and syndicate blogs on your web site.
  • Create site pages. Need an "About Us" page on your web site? How about a "Contact Us" page? Not a problem. CWT CMS also lets you create separate pages for your web site that will automatically appear in your sites navigation menu.
  • Get a complete breakdown of your site with powerful stats. CWT CMS provides dozens of useful statistics about your site, including most viewed pages, popular categories and articles, number of blog entries, most discussed articles, most popular authors and much more.
  • Intuitive visitors panel. With the integrated visitors panel, your web site visitors can easily keep a list of favorite articles, print or email content that they're interested in, contribute comments and ratings and much more.
  • Smart content searching. Your web site visitors can search your articles, news and blogs with any of the 3 powerful search methods built into CWT CMS: smart search, phrase search and word search.
  • Syndicate your content automatically. CWT CMS allows you to share your sites content with the world by automatically generating separate RSS syndication feeds for articles, news and blogs.
  • Works in all popular, modern browsers. Both the front-end and control panel of CWT CMS work in all modern web browsers on Windows, Linux and Mac, including Internet Explorer and Mozilla.
  • Extensible framework. CWT CMS's templating and user system are flexible and have been built so that they can be easily modified. For example, it only takes a matter of minutes to "plug-in" a third party poll or survey system.
  • Greatly improved permissions system. More flexible and secure permission system. Now you can restrict access to content creation and management even further with improved role-based authentication and security.