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CWTSMS® web based SMS Software system provide all the functionality businesses and organizations need to fully manage their marketing campaigns. This innovative Web SMS System allows you to launch bulk SMS Marketing campaigns in Arabic And English languages with both ease and affordability. The field of SMS Advertising is growing quickly and offers a direct and personal means to reach your market and your customers.

Our CWTSMS® Software is an easy to use and versatile sms software program. Not only can you use it to manage your Wireless Marketing campaigns but it is also the perfect Email Marketing Software. Use its web based functionality to launch your bulk sms and bulk email marketing campaigns from any Internet enabled computer.


How CWTSMS Works?


What CWTSMS SMS System can do?

SMS Marketing has grown increasingly popular with companies looking for new ways to reach the consumer. SMS, meaning Short Messaging Service, is more commonly known as text messaging or simply "texting". It is widely available to a broad range of consumers and businesses. In the United States alone, there are over 200 million cell phone users. Globally, there will soon be over 2 billion people that own cell phones. Cell Phone Marketing is an extremely effective means of communication, as virtually all of the subscribers will be reached, with an astounding 94% of messages read, providing you with a significant return on investment.

CWTSMS SMS System was built to provide you with all the resources needed to deploy a mass text messaging campaign. CWTSMS is a fully functional contractor that provides all the network, bandwidth, servers and System for you in order to assist you in your SMS text marketing projects. Our SMS System is web based, allowing you to manage your campaign from any computer. With no tedious downloads or frustrating uploads, SMS CWTSMS simplifies your efforts to successfully orchestrate a mobile phone marketing campaign.


Another feature that other sms System providers can't offer is our customer service and technical support. Our support team is available every business day to assist you in answering questions and help launch your bulk sms marketing campaign.

To view screen shots on how easy it is to use CWTSMS® SMS Mobile Marketing Solution Home Page Interface. Mobile Marketing Page

Learn more or get your SMS Marketing campaign started today!

Call us today at 966-505-989854 for a live demo of our bulk sms System. We have a full staff of customer service representatives here to assist you in your sms text marketing campaign.

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